 Standard Material: Aluminum profile. Usable for both supply and return air ducts.
 Suitable for high ceiling applications. Used for supplying cooled and heated air in facilities such as sport halls, atriums, offices, factories where air is to be discharged from high ceilings.
 Available in 1 to 4 slot configuration. Designed for mounting in the ceilings and sidewalls.
 Vertical, horizontal and inclined air discharge can be done by rotating the blades.
 On request, damper can be added to control flowing air volume.
 Air flow can be directed with a wide angle of 180° by adjusting the blades.
 Blades can be made of plastic. This application is more economical than standard product.
 Has four models: Standard Slot Diffuser (SD-123), Non-Blade Slot Difuser (SD-223), Roller Type Slot Diffuser (SD-323) and Frameless Slot Diffuser (SD-423).
 Also, stylish-looking / aesthetic models of roller type diffusers are available.
 Decorative design is suitable for mounting subsequent / continuous lines of slot diffusers.
 Mounted with 4 mm screws to the additional bridge in the mounting blind-frame.
 Eloxal, anodizing or electrostatic powder coating with the color from RAL catalogue.

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